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KENOSHA B.V. in The Netherlands offers Pre-Laminated Nitrocellulose Membrane Backing Cards
We laminate the following nitrocellulose membranes;
  • GE/Whatman Fast Flow High Performance nitrocellulose Membrane
  • Sartorius UniSart nitrocellulose Membrane
  • Merck (Millipore) Hi-Flow nitrocellulose Membrane
All the above mentioned membranes have the ability to secure a high amount of capture reagent, high protein binding with controlled wicking of sample.More information

Lamination can be to a clear or white backing card and a variety of thicknesses for use in either cassettes or as a dip-stick, needing more ridigity. We can customize sizes or provide standard 60 mm x 301 mm size with a 25 mm wide membrane. In addition to the membrane, we can also laminate the sample and conjugate pad.


Packed per 50 or 100 cards with interleaving protection paper inbetween each membrane card. All cards have full lot trace-ability.


It is important that the membrane is laid down accurately with as minimum tolerance as possible.

Consistent Scalability

Our processing speed is high enough to provide efficient output, yet slow enough to carefully monitor the lamination process. Nitro cellulose membranes are delicate materials and need to be processed and handeled with utmost care.


As a dealer of GE Healthcare & Ahlstrom filtration media for diagnostics, we also offer sample pads, conjugate and wicking pads.

Clean Environment

Backing Card manufacturing and Nitrocellulose Lamination Process is carried out in a clean environment, to avoid inclusion of foreign particles